editorial policy

Lela Luxe is an independent magazine-style blog that I created to write about the beautiful things in life that inspire me the most. Style, fashion, art, music, film, photography, literature, gastronomy and humour are some these "things." You will find amazing imagery and great discussions.

Content will be inspired more by my experiences and my personal infatuation with certain products, people, experiences, and things; rather than spitting out posts about every media alert that gets sent to my inbox.

One day I'll teach you how to achieve an entire look from head to toe, while using a runway or couture look as an inspiration. Another day, I may run into an amazing photograph that I think you will enjoy, a spectacular ad campaign by a fashion house, a dish I tasted at a new restaurant, an indie tune I came across, or if I caught a remarkable film. These are just some examples of what you'll find here. The writing field, however, is open to any of my experiences that I believe you will enjoy or benefit from and these do include private sample sales, event invites, and even luxe giveaways.

All content, unless otherwise noted, is written by me. I reserve the right to my judgement (which means products may be given a negative review) and will always be as honest as possible with my opinions and information. I value you selecting Lela Luxe as one of your favorite blogs and the trust you have placed in  me and Lela Luxe. I understand and appreciate that, without my readers, Lela Luxe would not exist.

I review all products honestly and will only rave about products that I truly believe in. If I come across a product that does not strike my fancy and I think you should know about it, I will be more than obliged to write about it and why it's not my cup of tea. Any paid or sponsored content will always be noted as such, clearly.  Any free products written about, will be described as so.

Most images on the site are taken by me. Should I ever use an image shot by someone else, I will always give credit to the photographer.

With regard to comments: Please leave your thoughts and join the discussion! I respond to comments personally. All feedback is appreciated, including disagreements. However, I do expect to hold discussions in a civilized matter. We are here to discuss the fabulous things in life, no need to ruin it with negativity.

I do not allow:
  • Spam comments
  • Personal attacks (different from disagreeing with the subject matter) 
  • Offensive material (racial slurs, profanity, pornographic language) 
I reserve the right to edit, reject, or delete comments at my complete discretion.

Your personal information: If there is ever an instance where your personal information is obtained, it will never be sold or rented to any third party. You will never been spammed. Certain instances in where personal information (for example: your name, age, gender, birthday, physical address, and/or email address) will be obtained include: entering a contest or giveaway, polls, newsletter, commenting on blog posts, subscribing to updates.

Re-use of content: I do allow the re-use of my content, including images.  However, I expect that full credit will be given as such:  "Written by Martha Alburquerque of Lela Luxe" (with hyperlink to http://blog.lelaluxe.com) or "Image taken by Martha Alburquerque of Lela Luxe" (with hyperlink to http://blog.lelaluxe.com).

Please link back to the specific post page url from where you took content from (whether it's text or images).

-Martha Alburquerque
This editorial policy was written and made into effect starting January 17, 2011