Happy Valentine's Day! Film's first kiss + Peanuts

First kiss ever recorded for a motion picture film

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope your day if filled with love and happiness, whether you're single or have a significant other.

This is the one day out of the year that you are forced to embrace the love that envelopes us all, making us all resilient, grateful, and fabulously humble.

In the image above you're seeing the first kiss to be recorded in a motion picture (1896),  in a film by Thomas Edison. The film was aptly named The Kiss, and was between John C. Rice and actress May Irwin. The running time was under 30 seconds as it was filmed for display in a nickelodeon. 

My favorite Valentine's Day quote: 
"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination." -Voltaire

Here is the opening scene of "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" (1975).  As you know I love Peanuts, especially their holiday specials. 


Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and the Peanuts gang have their hopes for the day - Charlie Brown, that he will receive a valentine; Linus, that he will be able to find a great Valentine gift for his favorite teacher, Miss Othmar; Lucy, that she will finally get Schroeder to notice her. Unfortunately, none of their plans work out.
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