Artist of the Week: Fashion illustrator Pat Chiang

Pat Chiang fashion illustrator Oscar de la Renta illustration

This week’s Artist of the Week is Pat Chiang, an amazing fashion illustrator who is currently studying at FIT.  I came across Pat’s Oscar de la Renta illustration the other day and had to highlight it.  It’s vibrant, bold, and sort of super warrior-like.

Pat is an advertising Major who decided to return to what resonated the most with her since childhood.  She points out that “At first there were only magical crayons and the importance of always staying inside the lines. Now, there is nothing like streams of colorful inks mixing and running down white paper and pencil gliding in a moleskin or a late night painting digitally, accompanied by hot coffee.”  You can visit more of her work here

Pat Chiang Illustration lady
Pat Chiang Illustration
by Pat Chiang fashion illustrator
Pat Chiang Fashion Illustrator in FIT
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Monique said...

These are stunning!!