Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon's jewelry line makes our "Love" list + Exclusive Interview

From Kelly Killoren Bensimon's latest jewelry line - My favorite pick

I came across this collection the other day on Facebook when Kelly Killoren Bensimon of The Real Housewives of New York posted images and I loved it.  It reminds me of old Hollywood glamour.  Feathers tend to give women a very sensual, delicate appearance.  The collection includes earrings and bracelets that will glam up a jeans and t-shirt duo and will add that extra fabulosity to your evening or cocktail attire. 

Kelly actually teamed up with Andrew Kanakis, of L'Noir jewelry company, to collaborate on a single feather earring (shown below), where 100% of the proceeds go to Feed America!

My favorite piece (pictured above) engages that classic urban accessory--hoop earrings and the ultimate accessory symbolizing confidence, sexy, and feminine. 

The collection is available at Intermix and Blue and Cream.

Kelly was kind enough to answer a few questions for us in an exclusive interview. We talk about her inspiration behind the collection, which housewife she considers the classiest, her role models, and more:

LL: If not a model or designer, what other profession would have liked to explore?
KKB: My first love is being a mother, but my education is in creative writing. I love creating content, whether it’s beautiful images or sensationalistic text, that is where my talent lies. I believe “explore what you love and the money will come.”

LL: What inspired you to use feathers in your latest jewelry collection?
KKB: I am obsessed with the 70s. Raquel Welch from this period is my ultimate fashion icon. It was an era where we respected nature and were empowered to think freely. Feathers are emblematic of these two things.

LL: Would you venture into apparel design?
KKB: I would love to create a line of clothing that reflects raw American style. The sheer provocative dresses of the 20s, the jersey draping of American designer Charles James, cool khakis and button downs, and bikinis that allow you the freedom to do cartwheels with ease, are the roots of my future line. Sexy, sophisticated, and sporty, clearly define the woman I would be designing for.

LL: Who is your you're all time favorite designer?
KKB: My favorite all time designer is Lanvin, for I have always admired his design aesthetic. My everyday choices are; Azzedine and Alaia, Ralph Lauren and Rogan.

LL: Which housewife do you think exhibits the best class (not limited to NYC)?
KKB: I believe class is defined by the way you live your life, and your value system, Caroline Manzo from New Jersey has a tremendous amount of integrity. She may “flirt” with the drama but it’s clear that her family comes first. As she says, they are “thick as thieves”.

LL: Who is your role model?
KKB: I have three role models; my father, my mother, and my ex-husband. My father for his integrity, my mother for her unconditional encouragement, and my ex-husband for his insatiable creativity.

LL: Thank you Kelly!

Here are more images of Kelly Killoren Bensimon's latest jewelry line:
brown braided bracelet - from Kelly Killoren Bensimon's jewelry line

black feathers with gold earring - from Kelly Killoren Bensimon's jewelry line


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