Exclusive Interview: The cast of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing opens up on Lela Luxe

Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Chad Rogers Madison Hildebrand and Josh Flagg interview with Lela Luxe Magazine In January, the stellar cast of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing answered a few questions for us.  In our exclusive interview, we discussed various topics including Chad Roger’s hair (you won’t believe who inspired his look), Madison Hildebrand’s love life and his experience in coming out on TV as a bi-sexual man, and Josh Flagg’s latest book.

Since Lela Luxe is all about fashion and the arts, we asked the young power agents their take on the fashion industry and who’s their favorite designer. 

We even made a quick dip into their thoughts on our fabulous concrete jungle, their role models, and what they do when they’re selling multi-million dollar mansions.

Lots of goodies, so take your take time, read the interview and enjoy. 

Please share your thoughts below, looking forward to reading them!

The first topic we discussed was their venture into Real Estate.  I asked them what other profession aside from being a real estate agent would they see themselves in.

Josh said he decided to get into real estate “…because I always loved houses and architecture, but i never wanted to design a home for anyone else but myself, so I decide to sell them instead.” Madison got his real estate license and started working for Coldwell Banker at 24 years old, while Chad received his at 18.

And for their other profession of choice: Josh says interior design and Chad had a lot to say on the subject, “Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an investment banker.  By the time I was 16 yrs old, mergers and acquisitions had piqued my interest. I am fascinated by the amount of money some of these wall street tycoons, such as Donald Trump, are making on one deal!”  As for Madison—if you didn’t love him before (which I doubt) you will now, he says “I used to want to be the President of the United States.  [laughs]  I think I could be happy doing so many things as long as it involved good people and good intentions.”

They really are a dapper group of young men. They know what they want and they do it in style.  I asked them who was their favorite fashion designer of all time and these were their favorites.

Josh: “For men, Brioni and Tom Ford. For women, Ted Lapidus from the 1960s and Leonardo”

Madison: “John Varvatos”

Chad: “Band of Outsiders”

Given that his grand mother is considered a pioneer by the fashion industry for introducing polyester to the states, I asked Josh if he would ever get into fashion and his response had no gray areas “NEVER. Not interested at all. That is one of the hardest business' to be in these days.”

All three of them reside and have lived in California for most of their lives.  So, I had to asked them what’s the first thing that comes to mind when they think of New York City:

Josh eloquently answers, “Horse shit and beautiful buildings.”  Chad said “A lot of condos instead of estates like in Los Angeles” and Madison was naturally a bit little more philosophical and answers, “Matter.  Lots of matter. ”  I guess they are all correct.  Especially when standing right on Columbus Circle, you’ll get a whiff of all of that and more.

Now, clearly the chemistry between Josh, Chad, and Madison on the show isn’t always fine and dandy.  There was tension and a few tiffs.  The real estate world, especially brokering, involves a lot of partnering and teaming up. So I wondered if they HAD to pick, who (among their cast-members) would they rather as a partner. Well, not surprisingly, both Josh and Chad selected Madison as who they would want as a partner.  I asked Madison what he thought about this: “Josh picked me, huh?  [laughs].  Flattering, but I am going to stay neutral.”

While on Madison, let’s go into a bit more about him. We discuss his latest book, his love life, what he does when not real estate-ing and more:

Lela Luxe: Tell us about your book

Madison: It is my attempt to help other people achieve success and to discover and pursue their own passion(s).  By writing this book I had to sit and reflect on everything I did, or would have done differently, in order to excel in a competitive luxury industry at the young age of 24.  The feedback from readers has been incredible and I hope it continues to inspire people. 

Lela Luxe: Where can it be purchased

Madison: Available online only.  For a signed copy, purchase by visiting www.themalibulife.com.  Amazon.com also sells the book. 

Lela Luxe: Out of the three cast members, you seem to br able to keep your cool the best.  How do you do it? Especially when confronting Chad!?

Madison: [Laughs] I get this question a lot.  I deal with all sorts of people everyday and it keeps my job interesting. People are people, I try not to let them get to me.

Lela Luxe: Your love life has been very interesting throughout the last two seasons of the show.  Are you single?

Madison: I am not.  I have met someone very special. (According to the sneak peak on www.Bravotv.com looks like his name is Frank)

Lela Luxe: How was your experience when you chose to "come out" as a bi-sexual man?

Madison: Discussing my sexuality on national television has been an extremely rewarding and liberating decision.  I was received with love and support from my friends, family, and fans and received numerous messages from all kinds of people telling me my story inspired them to be a better person (that is, more open minded, more honest with themselves, more accepting etc). I would do it all over again.

Lela Luxe: What do you do for fun and entertainment when not working in Real Estate?

Madison: Travel.  I just got back from learning how to play polo in Argentina, and I was in Bali for New Year's with my friends and lover.  I like to exercise, cook, garden, and eat ice cream too.

Lela Luxe: Do you have someone that you look up to as a role model in either Real Estate or in general?

Madison: “…I don't really have someone that I think about regularly or aspire to be.  I never really have either.  Not sure why, but I think I just know that I am going to be me and there are lots of things that I like about many people that I learn from, but one person does not stand out for me.  …You can say I look to children as my role model because they live in the moment and have big imaginations.  They are still pure.

Here’s an additional excerpt from our interview with Josh.  He talks about his book and the reason he chose to write it:

Lela Luxe: What inspired you to write the book about your Grand Mother? and Not Real Estate?

Josh: I decided to write the book because it was such an incredible story. The book is a rags to riches story of one of the true great pioneers in the fashion world. It tells the story of a holocaust survivor and how she made it!

Lela Luxe: Where can the book be purchased?

Josh: The book can be purchased at joshflaggbook.com and proceeds of the book go to the Jewish Federation.

And here is the rest of our interview with Chad where we discuss his fabulous hair, his ultra-cleanliness, and how it feels to have the cameras around 24/7.

Lela Luxe: Is there someone in particular that you admire within Real Estate or consider a role model?

Chad: I have always aspired to be like Donald Trump! I have read his books ever since I was 12. We both have specific hairstyles which is a start!! ;)

Lela Luxe: Are there any projects you are working on now (besides the show) that your fans would be interested in knowing about?

Chad: I am in the process of a few projects...of course Real Estate related.  At this point, everyone will have to stay tuned.

Lela Luxe: How does it feel to have cameras around all the time?  Do you get tired of it?

Chad: At first it was weird going about my day and having cameras in my face but eventually I got used to it and now it's as normal for me as putting on my shoes.

Lela Luxe: What do you do for fun and entertainment when not working in Real Estate?

Chad: I like to hang out with Victoria and Starla whenever I have free time. We like to hang out at home and watch TV. Lots of BRAVO!!

Lela Luxe: Are you still together with Victoria, your girlfriend on the show?

Chad: Victoria aka "Cake" and I are still together. Our 4 year anniversary will be this coming July 15th.

Lela Luxe: Congratulations!

Lela Luxe: Would you ever push your hair back?

Chad: I used to wear my hair pushed back in high school and I liked it. I'm the type of person who likes change when I'm ready for it. But for now I like my hairstyle just the way it is...

Lela Luxe: Is the excessive neatness/cleanliness something you got from your parents?

Chad: I definitely got my neatness/cleanliness from my dad and mom, but mostly my dad. My dad always has to be cleaning something. I guess it is not a bad quality to inherit!!!

I tried to get info on what to expect on Season 3 which airs in October on Bravo, but none of them would budge.  I guess we’ll have to see.

Thank you to Chad, Madision, and Josh for taking the time to answer our questions.

Image Source: BravoTV.com


Melinda said...

What a great interview! Madison's adorable, Chad seems passable, but Josh....

jake said...

Josh is hot...but Madison is hotter

chadface said...

Chad's a douche. I like the show though. Nice interview!

Harriet said...

This was an amazing interview. Great to see that Chad is still with Cake and see that Madison does really have a spiritual side. I'm a big fan of all of them.

The funniest part was that Chad looks up to Trump and keeps his hair the same like him and that Madison stayed neutral when asked about who he'd like as a partner.

Harriet said...

This was an amazing interview. Great to see that Chad is still with Cake and see that Madison does really have a spiritual side. I'm a big fan of all of them.

The funniest part was that Chad looks up to Trump and keeps his hair the same like him and that Madison stayed neutral when asked about who he'd like as a partner.