Iké Udé makes Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List + his new project with Michael Jackson

Ike Ude selected for the Vanity Fair 2009 International Best Dressed List By Neil Rasmus/PatrickMcMullan.com.

One of our favorite dapper New Yorkers, Iké Udé has graced the acclaimed list of International Best Dressed for Vanity Fair.  Iké is founder of the esoteric fashion and style glossy, aRUDE Magazine and has previously wowed art and fashion enthusiasts with his recent exhibition, ParisIke.ude3_1 Hilton: Fantasy & Simulacrum and with the release of Style File: The World's Most Elegantly Dressed, his compellation 55 style-makers.

I asked Iké what does being on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed list mean to him and he  says,  “It is very considerate and honorable of them to include me. I’m representative of individualistic mode of style that—thankfully, is not fashionable or mainstream enough. Thus, I’m all the more heartened that they put me in the appropriate category of the originals.

What inspires his selection of dress every morning? “Typically my mood, the type of tea I’m drinking, what music I’m listening to and what literature that I’d been reading the previous night. For example, if I’m in a rather romantic mood, Earl Grey tea inspires me to inject a touch of the Country Esquire in my wardrobe and that also means that I’d been reading a 19th or 20th century literature the previous night and listening to, say, vintage Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Jane Birkin, Scott Joplin Ragtime, Edith Piaf and some Michael Jackson’s music through out.” All but mainstream.

 Paris_Hilton_Portrait_-_An_Ideal_Heiress_by Ike UdeIké Udé is always working on something that’ll keep you thinking for months, if not a lifetime.  His books, the artwork, aRUDE…all have Iké Udé written all over it—obviously in a literal sense, but also metaphorically as a brand.  There is no mistake aRUDE was founded by Iké Udé, nor is there a confusion as to who is the artist behind the Paris Hilton: Fantasy & Simulacrum exhibition. 
Currently, Iké is working on a new, ambitious  website which is due to launch in September.  In addition, he will be exhibiting two or more of his works in a museum group exhibition, here in Manhattan. More excitingly, he tells about a new book he’s working on:

“I’m working on a long piece of “conversation/dialogue” using Michael Jackson as a common thread to chart our contemporary culture in particular and general. You will be one of the special few that I shall notify once I begin to serialize this “conversation/dialogue” in installments. After the serialization, it will be collected in a book form, for mass release. Stay tuned.”
We most definitely will! And YOU keep posted to Lela Luxe for more updates on this amazing project.  You read it yourself…we’ll be one of the special (thank you Iké!) few that will be notified. Can you just imagine what he’ll come up with? Iké’s spin on MJ, this is going to be sensational at least!
You can view the rest of the Vanity Fair Best International Best Dressed list here.  No REAL surprises.  However, there are some questionable selections which I won’t mention, but will say they are makeup/beauty related *angelic grin*.  Beautiful girls with style, but INTERTNATIONAL best dressed? I don’t know. 

Lots of New Yorkers made the list, and naturally, Parisians.

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