Lela Luxe Fashion Week: LINE by Mengly Hernandez

LINE is a collection of cotton tote bags and silk scarves, which are hand silk-screened.
The pieces themselves are thought provoking and have fashion indie written all over it.
They are for the independent, style-makers looking to make subtle statements. 
This isn’t your typically seen, mass produced collection of bags. The thought, work, and creativity is evident in every piece of the collection.  The designs on the bags and scarves  are original photographs and/or line drawings. Giving it that organic, unique vibe our wardrobes crave for.
Mengly Hernandez is from New York City and is a Fashion stylist and print artist who works in multiple mediums, including Silk-screening, woodcut, and intaglio. You can see more of her work here: http://copperlace.blogspot.com.  It will have you thinking, talking, and everything in between.  Her work is amazingly nostalgic and dreamy.
Here is our interview with Mengly.  Below you will find images of the collection.
What inspired you to pursue a career in design?menglycrop2
There has not been one single event  that has inspired me. I feel that it has been a natural progression. A journey of sorts. I value aesthetics very much and i have very specific ideas of what i like. There are many things that have inspired me through the years including photography, textiles, jewelry, painting, and especially the people and countries I've visited.
How has basing yourself out of NYC helped your label?
I know that NYC is a special place. It offers me lots of experiences with different people. It also pulsates with raw energy. This energy comes from the people who reside here. All energy can serve as inspiration. The inspiration serves as catalyst to the work i produce and offer to the public.
Who was your favorite designer or inspirational designer during your learning years?
My favorite artists(designers) are those who know that art is a tool of expression. This is utilized everyday to cope and to grow. Among them are Yayoi Kusama, Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith, I also love Issey Miyake, Comme de Garcon, Dries Van Noten, TSE, Maria Cornejo, Vivienne, Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto, Gareth Pugh
What's your favorite NYC neighborhood?
I don't have a favorite neighborhood. I think all of NYC has special Gems. little pockets of interest. All are loved for different reasons. Some for the vast amount of trees, others for its outside cafes and interesting people, and many simply for the surrounding architecture...
What's your favorite spot to Brunch?
I really like Cafe Orlins for Brunch.
This is a small sample of the LINE collection you can view the entire collection on Etsy:
big_baby the_man red_babiesstars red_afro
Go to Etsy to view the entire collection and to purchase.
Find more work by Mengly Hernandez:

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