Marjorie Eliot Holds Free Jazz Concert in Washington Heights

marjorie eliot

As recession gift to those money strapped music lovers, renowned jazz musician Marjorie Eliot will hold free jazz concerts in the parlor of her Washington Heights apartment.

Concerts are every Sunday afternoon and are open to her friends and strangers. 

She and a load of professional jazz musicians light up Edgecomb Ave every Sunday afternoon and welcome friends and strangers.  "I get more than I give," said Eliot, an actress and writer, who has hosted her at-home concerts for 15 years.

50 chairs and blue tinited bulbs to enhance the mood which is nothing less than upbeat.

One of her guests this past Sunday was Darragh Conway, from Dublin, Ireland. In the city to sit for the New York State bar exam, he wanted to go out and listen to jazz after the tests. He hunted around online and chose Eliot's apartment instead of a club.

Admission is free. Call (212) 781-6595 for more information.

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