Saks Fifth Avenue and Amy Sacco Honor Damiano Biella, Creative Director of Escada

Hillary Swank and Damiano Biella

Last night, Saks' CEO Ronald Frasch and Amy Sacco (New York's legendary party girl), threw a fabulous celebration to honor Escada's Creative Director, Damiano Biella. The second floor of Saks was where the main event took place.  Decorated with white fabrics and white leather couches, lots of bubbly, lots of happy faces, lots of Louboutins!

Almost every other girl was wearing black patent leather Louboutin pumps.  It's like they all called each and said, "Let's match!"  Ironically, black was the color of the night when Escada clearly states, (especially on Saks' windows), that white is the new black.

The event was successfully coordinated by Linda Gaunt Communications. Drawing in some fabulous people. Among those that attended are Hillary Swank, in a beautifully green dress by Escada (same dress from Sak's windows). She looked elegant with her very short bob. 

She recently cut her hair to donate it to an organization that makes wigs for patients dealing with cancer and struggling with hair loss.
Hillary Swank

amy sacco escada

Amy Sacco in Escada as well, with beautiful statement jewelry by her dear friend Kara Ross and knee length boots by Brian Atwood which she declared, "The most comfortable boots in the world." I tell you, you would never guess that she partied hard all those years.  She looks really  good.  Mentioned she was throwing a Halloween party in her newly purchased apartment.  When asked, if there was still time to get into her bash she answered, "Depends on what costume you're wearing." What will the party girl don on today's scary night? She says "something like a wig, fangs and ...blood...something where I can move around easy enough...I'm going to be the one in flats..."

Mari Ben Ari Mari Ben Ari, the famous hip-hop violinis, was there with a beautiful bubbly personality dressed in vintage clothing.  She spoke to me about her new Obama video.  She's obviously a loyal supporter and how proud she is of it's production and her choice to be part of it.

And of course, the man of the hour Damiano Biella, looking his finest. Not an ounce of snobbery in this man.  He's so calm and cool.  I asked him if he would ever imagine himself being surrounded and worshipped by so many women, he answered: "It's fantastic, I've dedicated 17 yrs my life this, so it's actually beautiful to be here and to be appreciated by women because at the end I don't work for myself, I'm a service to women...It's great when you see your clothing on every women, it doesn't have to be a celebrity or on the red carpet."  He does however, admit the he does get a nice rush when he spots his works of art on he red carpet.

He's dressed some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood including Hilary Swank and of course Catherine Heigl (how can we forget that unbelievable red dress) and who would he like to dress next?  "Cate Blanchett, most definitely."

Duffy had a fabulous soulful performance, dedicating "Warwick Avenue" to Damiano Biella, his favorite song. In the midst of the event, she experienced what every girl dreams of.   Saks invited her look through the merchandise in the otherwise vacant store.

Hillary Swank back of dress The back of Hillary Swank's dress.
Hillary Swank, back of dress detail Detail of the back.  She said this is why she chose the dress.  She was impressed with it's architecture and the color.
IMG_1463 Hillary Swank's shoes, Escada.
Antony Todd Antony Todd, florist to the socialites.
Amy Sacco Amy Sacco and her beautiful jewelry by Kara Moss.
Karen Duffy Karen Duffy and her striking green Escada leather gloves.  The jacket is just a simple ski jacket.

Blair Hussein Blair Hussein, NYC Socialite.
Escada Window at Saks Escada window at Saks, mannequin doning the dress Hillary Swank wore that night.
IMG_1471 Escada's window at Saks.

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